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Poker-bot is the advanced software to play online poker on high professional level. The bot can generate up to 4.5% per day and does not require any manual operation.


The bot plays online poker using the invested money and, by following the strategy developed by AI, always wins. It enables our customers to receive their fixed interest daily depending on the chosen investing plan.

You do not have to participate in the game personally, nor will you have to install any additional software as the entire process has been fully automated.
Poker-bot has been programmed to play online poker and win 24/7 even when you are busy or sleeping.

— To gain information. The required data band includes the cards you get, the stakes your poker partners made, the stack amount, the BTN, etc. Screenshots reading with graphics transferring to text, log reading, signal interception on their way to the poker room and access to the network traffic are used to collect the required data to reach a success.

— To make a decision. The bot considers the situation as a logic task with the set parameters.

— To imitate player’s actions. The software enables to simulate the mouse movement and buttons pressing which is recognized as real player’s actions.

— AI is the main engine of the software. It makes conclusions based on the data collected and received, just like we, humans, do. It also interacts with the poker room customer using the additional engine.

— It performs on high professional level
— The bot is never tired, is never nervous and never gets excited
— It never diverts from the comprehensively developed strategy
— It controls the number of players at the table and the amount of their stacks and switches to very precautious mode of performance as soon as it detects a strong player
The results of the program

—   Total games - 228000
—   Limit - NLH 5000
—   Wins - 2200000$
—   bb - 11.6/100

Investment plans

3.5% Daily for 10 Days

Total profit: 135%

Deposit return: Yes

Min: $10 Max: $500

4% Daily for 25 Days

Total profit: 200%

Deposit return: Yes

Min: $50 Max: $2000

4.5% Daily for 50 Days

Total profit: 325%

Deposit return: Yes

Min: $100 Max: $10000

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